CQLWP Educational course I19-20 września,Grenada

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Adequate management of transplant complications is of paramount importance to improve patient outcome following autologous and allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT).

As clinical practice varies greatly and undergoes constant evolution, transplant physicians frequently need clear guidance on what to do in certain situations in regard to post-transplant complications. The goal of the current course is to provide clear clinical messages, which will be useful at the bedside.

For that reason, the scheduled lectures will be short and supposed to the point. They will cover different areas starting from pre-transplant assessment of comorbidities through evaluation and treatment of endothelial syndromes, graft-versus host disease, provision of supportive care and management of long-term complications.

All the lectures will be interactive and followed by a brief summary based on audience interactive voting. During the coffee breaks, the participants will have the opportunity to network with expert speakers.

This year we offer 8 fellowships to junior physicians, who will be enabled to present their interesting case reports falling within the scope of the meeting. All participants are also welcome to the business meeting of the Complications and Quality of Life Working Party – we hope this can be an initial step towards research activity in EBMT.

Grzegorz Basak - Chair of CQLWP

Manuel Jurado - Local Organizer

Rafael Duarte - EBMT Secretary

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